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A Circus company that was born in 2006 in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Since then, they create original productions made for theater, festivals and the street, combining the circus discipline and the physical theater. The artists prepare them selves constantly by assisting to circus conventions, workshops in Mexico and abroad. They visited some countries like France, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Italy and Germany where they presented and trained.  

At the year 2014 they established "La Bodega Fuoco di Strada" wich is a space for learning and training the circus arts, they impulse the recreation and professionalism of this art. La Bodega also serves as an open forum for the presentation of any type of show. 



Jesus Diaz Rodriguez

monica inzunza jimenez

gustavo rodriguez navarro

fernando manica bustamante

Mireya guzman

izkoatl hernandes de la torre

Mario Barragan martinez

ginelly rodriguez

Nayeli gonzÁlez mariscal

Jean christophe carpentier

Benjamin  Gonzalez

Cesar Diaz rodriguez

Maria gameiro micaelo

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