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It is a show where the live blues go along with five individuals who

had never seen each other before, they find themselves by chance in the same place and, if that were not enough, the five seek the same.

Along the show will figure out the great mystery that holds each of the five suspects.

All types of public can enjoy 50 minutes of contemporary circus acts that incorporate juggling, comedy, balancing, acrobatics, dance and live music with some of the best exponents of blues in Mexico, Los Villanos Blues Band

It is an instrumental blues project that combines other genres such as swing, funk and jazz. The band was formed in 2013 by brothers Javier and Abraham Villaseñor,  at the end of their previous project, Naranjitoblues. Los Villanos have played on most of the music forums in Guadalajara, as well they´ve shared their music with most of the city's blues and jazz musicians. 

They participated on the 8th National Blues Meeting in Mexico City, sharing the stage with bands like Bad Boy Blues and Troker. 

9 Artists on scene

Live Music

50 MIN

For all public

Download the folder

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